I’ve worked all my life and didn’t think I’d be asking for help this way. Bless y’all for taking good care of me.
— patient at the downtown location



The Greenville Free Medical Clinic and the satellite clinic sites provide diagnosis and treatment for most acute and chronic illnesses.

This clinic is unable to provide immunizations, STD testing, pregnancy testing or prenatal care. (These services can be accessed through the South Carolina Department of Health.) Additionally, we DO NOT provide:

  • Treatment for sexually transmitted diseases

  • Treatment or medication for mental illnesses

  • Pregnancy tests or family planning services

  • Obstetric or prenatal care

  • Management or medication for chronic pain

  • Complex restorative dental care (Root canals, crowns, dentures, etc.)

  • Examinations or forms for disability benefits

  • Treatment for services when a third party may be responsible for medical care (motor vehicle accident related or workplace-related)

  • Specialty services or diagnostic tests from private physician referrals or other clinics

  • Payments for any surgery or hospital bills


Tuesdays and Thursdays

Doors open for registration and daily sign-up begins at 10 am. Patients are then scheduled throughout the day, with most asked to return in the late afternoon.

Mondays and Wednesdays

Doors open for registration and daily sign-up at 9 am. Most clinics will begin by 10 am.


1st and 3rd Monday

Doors open for registration and daily sign-up begins at 9 am. Patients are asked to return to the clinic in the afternoon. Click here for November Calendar


Alternates weekly between Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Specialty care visits, if required, are scheduled by the nurse following a Free Clinic general medical visit.